Vinyl Stage


Bdat Džutim, also known as Timbe, is an MC, DJ and beatmaker from Belgrade.

As a DJ he first began working in 2001 in Dom Omladine in Belgrade where he organized parties, as well as demo rap bands concerts. At the same time, he started hosting a TV show Soundbombing (later- Zaboding) on Radio SKC. In 2003 he became a member in the legendary Dollar Club, and in summer 2004 he started organizing parties on Exile club and for the first time performed on Exit Festival. 

Since he was playing with Bad Copy, he neglected his DJ career because of their many gigs. In 2008 ,he returned into Gajba club where he continued to build his style and in the same year he worked as a lector in Red Bull Music Academy.

he became a member of the club called Francuska sobarica (French maid club) in 2009 and next year, he began working in Povetarac. In 2011 with great success he began working on “These are the Breaks” and later on “Wild for the Night” and “Electric Relaxation”. In 2012 he began working for a show called Beatdown on B92 radio alongside Philly P which was cancelled only a year later.

Timbe collects Hip-hop, Funk, Soul, Disco, Brazil and Afrobeat vinyls, and in the last few years, vinyls are all he plays at his gigs.