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We are band, but only one guy does music. We are cool with that, but dude just can't understand some stuff.

Svemirko represents everything you have ever wanted from a pop band. Perfectly ballanced mixture of feelings, technigue and quality. At one point they are emo-macho, at the other they are avanguard, but then in the third again completely normal, which alltogether forms a recipe for the most memorable performances. This electro squad, led by Marko Vuković with the help of his fellow musicians Antonio Bošnjak, Marin Tandara, Branimir Blažević and Bojan Bojko, together come as one of the most interesting phenomena of the contemporary pop music in the Balkans.
With concerts being their speciality, this band shall make your chill, synesthic dreams come true. Carried on the wings of success of their debit album “Vanilija” (“Vanilla”), in a relatively short period of time Svemirko has gained significant affection from the crowd of the countries inhabited by the South Slavs, with approval of the critics’ at the same time.
Right where the last album ends, there comes the second one named “Tunguzija”, bringing those prodigious melodies and musical arrangement, the misunderstood poetry and crazy rhythms of the perfect sound aromas, pervading the new hit songs. From North to South, from West to East, having played numerous concerts throughout the last year, Svemirko justified the trust their audience put in their music, while preparing new concerts and new, both night and day adventures for the future. In a spaceship powered by a still unknown fuel, straight out of cosmos comes this group of wizards, ready to blow your mind out of its consciousness.
Svemirko offers you mysteries of the universe right within hand’s reach and the choice is up to you.