Stereo Banana

Main Stage


artistsMarko Anđelković Naopak i Nemanja Nedeljković Nemus

Stereo Banana as the ancestor introduced a new music genre called kung fusion and their hope is that one day they get at least a passage in a textbook for music culture.
Intergalactic punitive expedition of Stereo Banana, consistsing of two members Nemus and Naopak, released their debut album called “Šijemo sambu” (“ Sewing samba“ ) four springs ago and the band launched itself into the musical orbit by the single “Da li vi masturbirate pred grad?” (“ Do you masturbate before going out?“).
On the first day of autumn 2015 their second album was released under the name “Munje nebjeske” (“ Lightning of Heaven“). It was preceded by the single “Melem”(“Balm“ )which topped the MTV’s list “Domaćica“. From the album“Munje Nebjeske”( “Lightning of Heaven“), they were most celebrated by the song “Nemoj da znojiš tehniku” (“ Don’t sweat the technique“ ) because of which they gained the epithet “Domaćih Chemical Brothers”(“ Domestic Chemical Brothers“ ) in the press. Directed and edited by Miša Ignjatović like most of other songs, the music video for this song won the award for the best editing at this year’s Split Spot Festival.
Explosive duo from Niš has been performing for many years and just last year they perfomed at numerous festivals including EXIT, LoveFest, Seasplash, Backyard Art, Regius, Belgrade Beer Fest… The release of the new record is planned for this year, with the work in progress.