Rambo Amadeus

Main Stage


vocalRambo Amadeus (World Kilo Tzar)

guitarRambo Amadeus (World Kilo Tzar)

bass guitarMiroslav Tovirac

drumsIgor Malešević

Antonije Pusic, professionally known as Rambo Amadeus, is a Serbian musician, songwriter, guitarist and composer famously known for cross-genre music, particularly between jazz, rock, hip-hop, drum and bass. So far, he produced 16 original albums. His style is set apart by satiric live performances that fade the line between music and comedy, often reflecting crude satire on local politics, human nature and philosophy. Improvisation and surrealism being one of his definging characteristics, his performances are always different and it is no strange to see a variety of household objects used as instruments – vacuum cleaners, drills and concrete mixers

He debuted on the Yugoslav music scene of late 1980s with his album “O tugo jesenja” (Oh, autumn sadness – translated) which quickly proved to be a hit in the emerging satirical scene. The album mixed traditional folk music with rock, opera and already established rock&roll standards and riffs, featuring absurdist and satricial texts, famously in “Vanzemaljac”, “Fala ti majko”, “Zivotinjo mikroskopska”, “Pilot Babo” and others.

Rambo Amadeus was often awarded for his work.He won the prestigious “Sterija prize” in 1994 for his theater play “Lažni car Šćepan Mali”; in 1996 he won the pricefor his literary works on the Serbian estrade (stage – translated)“Domanovićevim danima satire”;“Saatch & Saatchi” for the best radio commetrcial and the Golden rose of Montrea for “best Copyright”. In 2012, he represented Montenegro in the Eurosvisoon Song contest with his satirical song “Euro Neuro”.