Deca Loših Muzičara

Main Stage


The band Deca loših muzičara (DLM) was formed in 1988 by the guitarist Jova Jović, singer Aleksandar Siljanovski Silja, saxophonist Vladan Miljković Milje, drummer Zoran Milivojević Mikac, bassist Zoran Živković and trumpeters Đorđe Anđelić Kića and Ivan Blagojević Uške. Dušan Petrović had played the saxophone for a whileafter which he joined the band called Plejboj (Playboy), the same time when trumpeter Dušan Petrović took his place in Deca loših muzičara. In 1990 Deca loših muzičara won the last Youth Festival in Subotica and their song “Doživotno osuđen na ljubav” (“Sentenced to Love for Life “) was published on the festival’s record.
The band recorded its debut album “Dobar dan” (“Good day”) in the early 1992, produced by Vlada Žeželj, but the record came out one year later. Influenced by the new American sound which was elevated by the dominant wind instrument section, Deca loših muzičara created some effective songs which marked the style of their music.
Deca loših muzičara created music for the theatrical play called Virus, which was written and directed by Dušan Kovačević and published on the disc of the same name. Besides songs such as “Ljubav” (“Love”) and “Dezodorans” (“Deodorant”), the rest of the material consists of some instrumental tracks and a cover of the classical theme by Maurice Ravel’s Boléro. As the star of the show, the actor Ivan Jevtović was a guest singer in the theme “Ljubav” (“Love”). In 1998 Deca loših muzičara produced the music for the Siniša Kovačević’s play Kraljević Marko, in which the members of the band played minor roles as well.
Today, some 32 years and 4 studio albums later, time still has not been able to change the quality, energy and the special sound of the band Deca loših muzičara.