MMF info

Entrance to the Festival

Tickets can be bought on the day of the Festival or during advance sale at one of promotional selling points. Information on the price and list of selling points will be announced 3 months before the Festival. Entrance is free for children under the age of 10. It is not allowed to bring your own food or drinks into the Festival area.


Tickets, food and drinks are paid solely in cash and in dinars. Nearest exchange office is in the center of Divcibare, at Pepa Hotel. There is no ATM in Divcibare.


NBeer, wine, spirits, juices and water will be available on drink stands. Prices will be announced two weeks before the festival.


MMF Gastro Stage offers a wide variety of food and sweets, including vegetarian meals. More information here.

Provisional water supplies

Free drinking water tanks will be located on the site.


Festival grounds can be accessed with strollers and wheelchairs. Please ask for the info at the ticket selling point at the entrance.


Mountain Music Fest is an eco-festival that supports recycling. In that spirit, for every 10 cans or plastic glasses you bring to a drink stand you’ll get a free drink of your choice.

First Aid

First Aid crew will be on duty during the festival. There is a physician on duty as well as a pharmacy in Divcibare.

Clothing for the Festival

Divcibare is a plateau at 980 meters altitude. Even during summer, especially in the evening, air temperature can suddenly change, therefore we recommend bringing some warm clothes, just in case.


MMF is a pet-friendly festival!

How to get?

Mountain Music is held at ’Crni vrh’ ski slope in Divcibare Crni vrh. You can reach festival area by car or on foot and it’s at around 3km from Divcibare center. During the Festival, there will be signs all over Divcibare with directions to the Festival. Parking space around festival grounds are limited. Nearest towns are Valjevo, Mionica, Kosjeric and Pozega. Nearest airport is Nikola Tesla in Belgrade (link). Nearest Train station is in Valjevo (link). Itinerary of the Mountain Music Festival, as well as the Festival map will be announced two weeks before the Festival. All info will be published on the homepage of our website, as well as on our social media pages.


More information on accommodation can be found at


There is no organized camping area within the Festival grounds. Visitors can set up a camp near the Festival area upon their own responsibility.

Code of conduct at Mountain Music Fest:

Get acquainted with rules below in order to make the Festival a great experience for both visitors and organizers: The Festival is in the nature, and we want to keep it intact. Therefore, please do not to litter and dispose of trash in a proper way. Firearms and weapons, as well as any kind objects that can threaten the safety of visitors including pyrotechnics, glass objects, etc. are prohibited in the Festival grounds. Bringing in your own food and drinks as well as possession, use or sale of any illegal drugs is prohibited. Lighting up fires is not permitted in the Festival grounds. By attending the Festival you agree to be filmed and/or photographed and hve the material used in promotional purposes. Mountain Music Fest entrance/ticket rules: There is one entrance to the Festival grounds. Organizers will determine the working hours of the entrance. All bags & backpacks may be subject to search on the Festival check-in. The codes of conduct will be enforced and controlled by professional security and volunteers, who will try to ensure there are no incidents during the Festival. Visitors violating these rules will be first warned and if violation continues may be removed from the Festival grounds without a refund. You will be given a festival wristband at the entrance you should wear all the time while on the site. Without a wristband you may be asked to leave the Festival.


Every year volunteers from Serbia and abroad participate in the realization of the Festival. If you would like to volunteer, apply to